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Know the program

wepartner is the weknow distribution program that opens up to external people, both individuals and companies, to promote or market our online LMS platform services and interactive content, obtaining a commission on each sale generated.

Thanks to our wepartner program, you decide the level of participation through the different distribution profiles. On our part, we provide you with the tools, training and support necessary to achieve successful sales closings.


Immediate earns

With our commission system you can generate profits quickly.

Recurring earnings

Thanks to our business model you will be able to have income periodically, during the term of the contract.

New lines of business

We have specialized services for different niches. Thanks to that, you could expand your offer and generate new lines of business.

Exponential growth

Increase your income and your client base, thanks to our variety of services for online learning.

No geographical limitations

You can market our services at any time and anywhere in the world.

Expert accompaniment

You will always have the support of specialized advisers to solve your technical or commercial doubts.

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